Entangled Species. Conversations on Contemporary Art in the Caribbean


  I am working on a publication based on my research mapping the infrastructure for contemporary art in the Caribbean Insular. The research was done in the region from November 2017 till May 2019.   My writing period is in part made possible by Mondriaanfonds (Visual Art Fund for the Kingdom of the Netherlands) Marguerite [...]

DNA of Water (2017)


DNA of Water For centuries now, we crossed waters and borders around the globe for different (un)compelling reasons: curiosity, economic gain, calamities, religion, war, leisure, knowledge and personal gain. Traditionally water has functioned as a border to prevent others from entering a space. Utopia, the ideal society set on an island, it serving as a [...]

25 Years Contemporary Art in Suriname (2016)


25 Years Contemporary Art in Suriname through the eyes of Sasha Dees   Next thursday-night feature in Readytex Art Gallery will be on March 3rd, 2016 and will be on display until late March. Again a special exhibition organized by an international guest curator for the program. This time Sasha Dees, arts and culture professionals [...]

Faces of Curacao (2012)


Faces of Curacao is an exhibition that combines a selections of works made in Curacao by Rotterdam based artists Faranu and Mike Redman from their exhibition Faces (Rotterdam) with new media work made in Curacao by New York based filmmaker/choreographer Gabri Christa. The exhibition took place at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn in 2012. Artists: Faranu, [...]

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