Project Description

For many children in Suriname and children of Surinamese descent something is going on with their fathers. Too often, that something is nothing. When fathers are not a part of their lives, children are raised by mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents and “father” is a missing link. For the children, this can result in dreams and fantasies about Dad or rage or disinterest. It is a subject that is very real for a lot of children, but one which you’re not supposed to complain about. It’s just the way things are. Out of this reality “Vaders” was born. The production was a collaboration with writer/actress Marielle van Sauers, growing up without a father herself she suggested to make a play about this subject. For Sasha’s after having produced numerous projects for adults in Suriname a longtime wish to produce a project specifically for young children came true. In form and performance it was produced to be also shown outside of the capitol Paramaribo, in elementary schools in the outlying districts and the country’s interior. After each performance, the remainder of the school-day was used for talks with the children and their teachers about the subject of missing fathers, and for music and drama workshops.

Concept/Script – Marielle van Sauers, Cast – Marielle van Sauers, Marjorie Boston & Carlo Hoop (percussion), Producer – Sasha Dees.

A SDPM production, 2002.