Project Description

Progress vs Regress is a feature documentary film about how today’s technological innovations have transformed social relationships, as seen through the eyes of the elderly.  The film investigates how the myth of technical progression affected and continues to affect attitudes towards labor, money, time and emotions. Are some feelings becoming extinct because of our obsession with material objects?

Melanie Bonajo (director/concept); Bernie Deekens & Sasha Dees (producers); Ben Geraerts & Mo Schalkx, David Djindjikhachviki (DP); Willem Aerts (editor); Michael Beharie & Tommie Bonajo (music). Produced for Hacking Habitat festival 2016.

Funded by Cultuurparticipatie, Mondriaanfonds, Mediafonds(videoclipfonds) & Stokroos.

Premiere: International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), November 2016.