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In her new book Entangled Species. Conversations on Contemporary Art in the Caribbean, Sasha Dees takes us with her on a personal journey showcasing the depth and variety of artists and art communities of the Caribbean.


We follow writer and curator Sasha Dees on a journey in the Caribbean, where she explores the infrastructure for contemporary art. Decolonization discourse and international politics are reflected in her encounters and conversations with artists and art professionals in the Caribbean.


Entangled Species. Conversations on Contemporary Art in the Caribbean, written by Sasha Dees (the Netherlands) is the result of a fifteen-month research project. After having spent two decades working and traveling in the region, Sasha visited 16 countries in the Caribbean (including Barbados, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Virgin Islands) from November 2017 to May 2019. She interviewed over 800 artists and art professionals. Some she knew previously, many she met as she researched and traveled.


Part travel book and 100% toolkit, Entangled Species is filled with engaging anecdotes and extended conversations with artists and art professionals. As passengers on Sasha’s journey, we learn about this world as she explores and documents it.


The opening chapter gives the reader a general introduction to the Caribbean region. Subsequent chapters discuss the infrastructure of the arts and the art marketplace: Education; The economy of art; Galleries; Museums; Biennales; Funding and Project Spaces and Residencies. With each chapter comes a contact list of artists and institutions. Additionally, there is a list of relevant publications, a 50-page selection of artworks by contemporary artists from the region, and a glossary of (art) terms used in the book.


Experience the Caribbean through the lens of contemporary art and Dees’ unique personal perspective. Her personal experience and long relationship with the Caribbean sets this book apart from traditionally academic publications. She offers the reader resources, tools, and direct access to the art community in the Caribbean, making this book a must-have for emerging artists, art professionals, collectors, (contemporary) art lovers, and those who are interested in the Caribbean.


It took a Village!! The publication is in part made possible by Mondriaanfonds and Hendrik Mullerfonds, UniArte, Marguerite de Rooy, Max Westerman en Nina Jurna.


Entangled Species Conversations on Contemporary Art in the Caribbean

ISBN 9789083064864 // Publisher: Art Agent Orange, Rotterdam