Project Description

Gabri Christa (choreographer) founded Danzaisa as a company dedicated to inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary work. Sasha has worked as Danzaisa’s producer on:

“Yeye” (2000-2002) premiere at PS122 with vocalist DK Dyson, composers Vernon Reid & Suphala  (followed by international tour).

“Ri-Te-S” (summer 2002) special commissioned piece for Summerstage Central Park with musicians Butch Morris & Greg Tate/Burnt Sugar Arkestra.

“Immy-G” (2002-2003) premiere at Aron Davis Hall with video-artist Merilys Ernst and composer Vernon Reid (followed by international tour).

“Dominata” (2004-2006) premiere at DTW a collaboration with choreographers Nathan Trice and Niles Ford, Greg Tate/Burnt Sugar Arkestra and video-artist Merilys Ernst.


Dancers included Alycia Ramos, Jane Penn, Evann Siebens, Chera Mack, Nya Bowman, Amy Lee, Eddie Stockton, Gen Hashimoto, Tueree Shard, Julio Arroyo, Marcel Stomp; Vocalists/poetry: Latasha Diggs, Justice Dilla; Costume Designer: Akiko Sato, Liz Prince; Lighting Designer: Frank den Danto, Eric Bruce.


As off 2007 Gabri Christa is focusing on making short dance films and Sasha continued working on her advisory board.