Project Description

Gabri Christa (choreographer) founded Danzaisa as a company dedicated to inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary work. Sasha has worked as Danzaisa’s producer on:

“Yeye” (2000-2002) premiere at PS122 with vocalist DK Dyson, composers Vernon Reid & Suphala  (followed by international tour).

“Ri-Te-S” (summer 2002) special commissioned piece for Summerstage Central Park with musicians Butch Morris & Greg Tate/Burnt Sugar Arkestra.

“Immy-G” (2002-2003) premiere at Aron Davis Hall with video-artist Merilys Ernst and composer Vernon Reid (followed by international tour).

“Dominata” (2004-2006) premiere at DTW a collaboration with choreographers Nathan Trice and Niles Ford, Greg Tate/Burnt Sugar Arkestra and video-artist Merilys Ernst. NY TIMES: “Something happens in Gabri Christa’s “Dominata.” That cannot be said of a great many dances these days, full though they may be of steps and gestures, pure movement or large themes. “…”Everything works in this multimedia dream of a past that has become both exaggerated and muted with time.”


Dancers included Alycia Ramos, Jane Penn, Evann Siebens, Chera Mack, Nya Bowman, Amy Lee, Eddie Stockton, Gen Hashimoto, Tueree Shard, Julio Arroyo, Marcel Stomp; Vocalists/poetry: Latasha Diggs, Justice Dilla; Costume Designer: Akiko Sato, Liz Prince; Lighting Designer: Frank den Danto, Eric Bruce.


As off 2007 Gabri Christa is focusing on making short dance films and Sasha continued working on her advisory board.