Project Description

Guest curator for Centrum voor Beeldende Kunsten (CBK) in Amsterdam.


8 September – 22 October, 2016

The inspiration for UNLAND is my personal wonder about the (in)ability of society to reflect and evolve. How do we relate to each other in a society? How sustainable, diserable and tenable is homogeneity autonomy and austerity? These are topics of ongoing discussion in the Netherlands in politics, media, on stages and in living rooms. Will we be able to look beyond our own shadow, to pursue a constructive dialogue. In UNLAND we see artists who continue to encourage dialogue.

Artists: Simone Bennett, Quinsy Gario, Inti Hernandez, Robbert van der Horst, Nour Eddine Jarram, Jane Jin Kaisen, Vladimir Tomic & Ana Pavlovic. Curator: Sasha Dees. In part made possible by Michelle Eistrup and The Danish Arts Foundation. Opening speech by Charl Landvreugd (visual artist).


August 27 – October 24, 2015

Everyone knows the feeling “I’m home.” Home is often synonymous with house, if you open the door of your house, you are at home. Where your house is, is where your home is. In the global world of today the definition of home is no longer as clear as it used to be. Home is a geographical location, the country of your citizenship status, where you were born, where you live and work. Home is where your family and friends are. Home is also a feeling, where you are safe and comfortable, the smell and taste of food. Home is colors and shapes, music, theater, art. Home is what you know. Home is where you can be yourself. Home is where you belong.

This comes to mind when you hear or read: “if you do not like it here, go home.” What definition of home do we use here? Do we know where home is for that person? Is the person that is quoted even at home? Is the person in question perhaps already home? Is home even a location where the person can go to even if he chooses to? The realitiy is -even as a holder of a European passport- we simply can’t decide to live and work anywhere. Citizenship, borders, visa, language, bank accounts, education, work experience, war, human rights, we can’t always choose to go home, to be home.

Artists: Sophie Ernst, Marijke Everts, Antonio Jose Guzman, Ruud Lanfermeijer, Myriam Mihindou, Astrid Nobel, Akiko Sato, Studio Maky: Kwannie Tang & Man-Yee Mok, Anne Verhoijsen. Curator: Sasha Dees. Opening speech by Ozkan Golpinar (Raadslid Raad van Cultuur).


August 21 – October 18, 2014


Central to the exhibition is the importance and influence travel has on artists and their work. Most of the selected artists wander(ed) to a great number of countries, for shorter or longer times, supported by the Mondriaan Foundation or on their own merits. There is always that strong desire and impulse to travel and explore the world, to learn and be inspired. They continuously expand their art practice by applying their encounters, experiences, new insights and knowledge, acquired while wandering, in their work and/or work methods.

Artists: Yasser Ballemans, Wouter Klein Velderman, Charlotte Schleiffert, Lydia Schouten, Berend Strik, Su Tomesen en Jolijn de Wolf. Curator: Sasha Dees. Opening speech by Clayde Menso (Managing Director Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK))

Free Spirits (2013)

2011- 2013: Collaboration with CBK curator Renske de Jong. Renske and I select an international black female artist and a local black female artist that will be in a duo exhibition and make at least one collaborative work. The exhibition is part of the Black Magic Women Festival.

A collaboration between Raquel van Haver (NL) and Sheena Rose (Barbados)

Be You (2012)

A collaboration between Patricia Kaersenhout (NL) and Jeanette Ehlers (Denmark)

Sharing Identities (2011)

A collaboration between Avantia Damberg (NL) and Ailsa Anastasia (Curacao)