Project Description

A substantial part of life is claimed by boredom. Beauty, love, work sometimes it just isn’t worth getting out of bed. A girl in a strawberry pie factory, a stressed desert nomad, a Wall street stockbroker, the last living WW2 female spy, a painter who paints. Time for 42 years, the first school shooter in history who wounded eleven children and killed two adults because: ‘I don’t like Mondays’, are the characters in this film. John Malkovich gives voice to the inner bored human being. He crawls under your skin prompting questions: How many people in the world are like me?


Coco Schrijber (director/writer), J.B. Macrander (executive producer); Mitchke Leemans & Sasha Dees (producers), Martijn van Broekhuizen (DP), Gijs Zevenbergen (editor), Mark Lizier (music). A Bonanza Production

Premiere: Nederlandse Filmdagen 2008
Gouden Kalf (Dutch Oscar) for best Documentary 2008