Project Description

25 Years Contemporary Art in Suriname through the eyes of Sasha Dees


Next thursday-night feature in Readytex Art Gallery will be on March 3rd, 2016 and will be on display until late March. Again a special exhibition organized by an international guest curator for the program. This time Sasha Dees, arts and culture professionals with extensive experience in international, multi-disciplinary art and cultural productions and projects in and between the Netherlands, the US, the Caribbean and Suriname.

Sasha Dees has been coming to Suriname for 25 years and in that time she has followed the development in the contemporary art in our country, and yes, the visible growth in that sector, she says. The development over 25 years has been the foundation for her exhibition. If you enter the exhibition space on the ground floor, the first thing you will see are the work of the “older established” artists like Soeki Irodikromo and Kenneth Flijders. Also René Tosari’s series (since acquired by the US Embassy) against the back wall in front of you jump right into the eye. But the attention is mostly drawn by the conceptual installation work by artists like Remy Jungerman, Kurt Nahar and the even younger Dhiradj Ramsamoedj who choose to work in a very different contemporary way to spark a dialogue and discussion with and between the viewers. The exhibition is spatially arranged and the workpieces therefore do not compete for the attention of the viewer. Nice is also the addition of items from the craft department Readytex where Dees picked those pieces she considers to be “applied art” like the work from Dona Akobe.

(txt: Cassandra Gummels)


3 – 31 March 2016:  Readytex Art Gallery, Maagden Straat 46-48, Paramaribo