I’m so thrilled to see facilitating this international exchange between Cuba and Taiwan (without me personally being part of the program itself) has materialized writer Chong Kai Huang and visual artist Esther Lin from Taiwan are now in Havana, Cuba hosted by visual artist Humberto Diaz and in turn, Cuban artists Humberto, Gaby Hernández Brito, and Yornel Martínez Elías will be hosted by and their work presented in 水谷藝術 Waley Art in Taipei in November.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan through a special Caribbean/South America exchange grant awarded to Waley Art.  I am happy I could connect Waley Art to people in Cuba to make this happen, I just love it when connections work out and will enrich the practices of all artists involved and with it, the horizon and perspectives of their audiences will expand! ❤️❤️❤️

Several presentations are organized i.e. a Lecture on Tuesday 17 October, at 2 PM @ Instituto Superior de Arte / The University of Arts of Cuba in Havana, a talk/reading by Chong Kai Huang,  a presentation of Esther Lin’s work in Havana all between September 20 and October 20.  In Taipei, in November there will be several talks in various locations and an exhibition of work of the Cuban Artists with guided tours by them from 12 – 30 November in Waley Art, Taipei.

(spinoff thx to Mondriaan Fonds, Hendrik Mullerfonds, Art Agent Orange/Trendbeheer, MocaTaipei 公共藝術專案, CP Yen, 駱駱 )

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