Caribbean Otherwise – Magical Realism in Contemporary Times

Lucia Chen (Taiwan) x Nicholas Laughlin (Trinidad & Tobago)


How is literature, with language as the vessel, circulated among the geographically, historically, and linguistically Caribbean countries and its dispersed Caribbean diaspora?

Magic Realism literature has revealed different characteristics across the Hispanophone and Anglophone Caribbean over the years; it is ultimately an attempt to document or record the true essence of this region. Delving into the complexities of the languages and cultures in this region, in these episodes, Latin American researcher Lucia Chen (Taiwan) and literature writer, editor, and festival producer Nicholas Laughlin from Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean) discuss the origin and development of Magic Realism and how it continues to influence contemporary literature from the Caribbean.


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NEXUS  was presented in MoCA Taipei from May 5 until July 16 and presented work by  Christopher Cozier, Sharelly Emanulson, Maksaens Denis, Nadia Huggins, Sofia Gallisa Muriente, Natalia Lasalle-Morillo, and Rodell Warner

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