MoCA on AIR – NEXUS Caribbean Podcast Episode 4


The Strategy of Empowerment, the Decolonizing Power of Women’s Literature and Art 「後殖民賦權—女性文學與藝術的解殖力
Natalia Ortega Gamez (DR) x Pin Chia-feng (Taiwan)
Sargasso, the free-floating seaweed spreading across the Caribbean Sea, symbolizes the Caribbean’s past and present.
In this episode, literary researcher Pin Chia-feng (Taiwan), and contemporary artist Natalia Ortega Gamez from the Dominican Republic delve into the wild Sargasso Sea to explore how post-colonial literature seeks to vindicate women who were once perceived as mad, ignorant, or in need of transformation. Moreover, they discuss the connection between weaving and material research challenging the colonizing powers’ preconceived notions. As we embark on the journey of decolonization we ponder a crucial question: How can one discern genuine self-awareness from the subtle shadows of colonization that often remain unnoticed?


NEXUS  was presented in MoCA Taipei from May 5 until July 16 and presented work by  Christopher Cozier, Sharelly Emanulson, Maksaens Denis, Nadia Huggins, Sofia Gallisa Muriente, Natalia Lasalle-Morillo, and Rodell Warner

My stay in Taiwan was in part made possible by The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, and 台北當代藝術館 MoCA Taipei. Thanks to CP Yen (Deputy Director of National Theater Taichung) for making the connection with MoCa Taipei’s Director 駱駱. My long-stay accommodation is made possible by 寶藏巖國際藝術村 Treasure Hill Artist Village / Attic Hostel and Trendbeheer. MoCA Taipei and Treasure Hill Artist Village/Taipei Artist in Residency are both under the board of the Taipei Culture Foundation.