MoCA on Air NEXUS / Caribbean Podcast – Episode 2 & 3
“Postcolonial Mirror – Magic Realistic Taiwan-Cuban Exchange”
Huang Chong-kai x Yornel Martínez Elías
The first and foremost similarities that might come to mind thinking about Taiwan and Cuba (Caribbean) probably are Sugar Cane plantations, colonial history with Europe, and being a neighbor to a big world-leading country. What would happen if people on both sides exchanged space and place with each other?
The novel “Formosa Exchange” By Huang Chong-kai is about just that: the people on the two islands wake up to find they exchanged places. Taiwanese woke up in Cuba, and Cubans found them displaced to Taiwan.
In this episode MoCA on Air, Huang Chong-kai (Taiwan), author of Formosa Exchange, talks with artist Yornel Martínez (Cuba) about how time and space will be re-configured when an item is placed in a place it doesn’t belong.
NEXUS was on view from May 5 until Sunday, July 16, 2023, and presented works by Christopher Cozier Sharelly Emanuelson MAksaens Denis, Nadia Huggins, Sofia Gallisá Muriente Natalia Lassalle-Morillo Rodell Warner all based in the Caribbean.
(“Photography by Wang Zhengxiang”)
(language: Mandarine / Spanish)
My stay in Taiwan was in part made possible by The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government, and 台北當代藝術館 MoCA Taipei. Thanks to CP Yen (Deputy Director of National Theater Taichung) for making the connection with MoCa Taipei’s Director 駱駱. My long-stay accommodation is made possible by 寶藏巖國際藝術村 Treasure Hill Artist Village / Attic Hostel and Trendbeheer. MoCA Taipei and Treasure Hill Artist Village/Taipei Artist in Residency are both under the board of the Taipei Culture Foundation.