I guess it is out in the open now… we (a selection of artists with video work in the Caribbean and me) are going to Taiwan!
NEXUS opens May 6 and will run until July 16, 2023
Artists: Christopher Cozier, Maksaens Denis,  Nadia Huggins, Natalia Lasalle & Sofia Galissa Muriente, Rodell Warner, and Sharelly Emanuelson. Curated by yours truly and presented in the Museum for Contemporary Art in Taipei (MOCA Taipei).
Read the announcement of the MOCA Taipei 2023 exhibition here: https://artemperor.tw/focus/5222

(google translate):
There will be two important video art exhibitions in May, one of which is “NEXUS-Caribbean Video and New Media Art”, which is the first video exhibition in Taiwan to introduce artists from the Caribbean region. Exhibitor Sasha Dees creates an extraordinary entry window for audiences in Taiwan, so that the Caribbean Sea is no longer just a paradise-like impression of exotic islands.
Curator Sasha Dees thinks about Taiwan as the “Far East” and the Caribbean as the “Far West” from the perspective of her own Dutch colonial history and international political pulsation. Colonies of many different countries. From the beginning of colonization to the present, issues of transnational labor, immigration, environmental disasters, and imperialism from Europe, the United States, and/or China persist in Taiwan and the Caribbean, mirroring common contemporary issues globally.
Picture: Director Sappho Loh is third from the right. The exhibition (ground floor) is in dialogue with work by Taiwanese artist Su Huiyu (first floor) he is first on the right in the picture.