June 18 – September 25 Documenta

June 18 is the public start of the five-yearly Documenta, the fifteenth edition already, even covid gives way to this most important international art mega event. The industry and press previews will take place from 15 – 17 June. Documenta runs for 100 days and ends on September 25.
I’ll be part of  Alice Yard, one of the selected art collectives in documenta June 12-19 , writing about the experience in Trendbeheer. Alice Yard is a contemporary art space and network. Alice Yard is managed and curated by architect Sean Leonard, artist Christopher Cozier, writer, and editor Nicholas Laughlin, and designer Kriston Chen in collaboration with an evolving growing international network of artists, curators, and other creative partners.
In Documenta there are always four artists/art professionals at work, in addition, to successively Leonard (June), Cozier (July/August), Chen (August/September), and Laughlin (September), simultaneously successively nine artists in residence: Blue Curry, Louis Vasques Le Roche, Nicole Cecilia Delgado & Amanda Hernandez (La Impresora), Shannon Alonzo, Versia Harris, Michelle Eistrup, Bruce Cayonne, and Ada M. Patterson. In addition, a partly ad hoc group of up to 2 artists and/or art professionals i.e. Richard Fung, Jina Yimenez, Natalie Josten, Patricia Encarnacion, Russel Campbell, Kenny Bailey, Richard Williams, Razia Barsati, Tessa Mars, Irenee Shaw, Clara Brandt, Magda Buczek, Raquel Vasques La Roche, Oneika Russell, and myself.
I’ll be in Kassel with Sean Leonard (co-founder Alice Yard) and Blue Curry, the first of nine successive artists in residence (all stay 2 weeks) in June. Alice Yard stays in WH22 where they have 2 presenting spaces and accommodation (4 rooms) all on the 1st floor. In WH22 the artists in residence present their work as well as  Out of Place: works by artists that are not in Kassel but send scores that will be executed to the Artists in Residence on site i.e.: Marlon Griffith, Heino Schmidt, Engel Leonardo,  and more to come.
Over the 100 days, they will also be present in Trafohaus (Toofprints / Kriston Chen / Richard Williams), Lumbung Press (La improsora), Gudskul (100 Mokos / Kriston Chen), and Grimmwelt museum (permanent animation by Versia Harris, one-off intervention by Blue Curry, and performance by Luis Vasquez la Roche), and On-site Port of Spain (POS) programming i.e. Live Streams between POS and Kassel, i.e. a performance by Sue Lynn Choo (let that be your cautionary tale), and more to come.
More about Alice Yard: aliceyard.blogspot.com
Hashtags: #AliceYardD15 #ayardexchange #documentafifteen #ruangrupa
Articles on the participation in Documenta15: https://trendbeheer.com/tag/documenta-15/
The connection, collaborations, and activities beyond Kassel made between the art collectives and participants will continue post documenta15 within the Lumbung Space.  Lumbung continues, check on those future activities: https://lumbung.space/
Curator/artistic director
The artist collective ruangrupa from Jakarta Indonesia is the artistic director of the fifteenth edition of Documenta. The norms, values, and ideas of Lumbung (Indonesian term for a common rice barn) are the foundation of this edition. The practices of the fourteen selected art collectives and artists are based on principles such as collectivity, common distribution of resources, and equal allocation.
Various locations
Kassel, Germany
W: documenta-fifteen.de/en/
18 June – 25 September 2022
Opening hours: 10 AM – 8 PM
Access: Day ticket: 27 euro
2-day card: 45 euro
Free admission whole period: 129 euro
TRAVEL TIP: 9 euros! In the months of June, July, and August if you want to travel to Germany, you can do so for 9 euros per month, more information: https://www.bahn.com/en/offers/regional/9-euro-ticket-en