It was an honor for the publication Entangled Species and I, to be invited to participate in the International Book Fair 2022 (FILSD2022), in Santo Domingo at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture Dominican Republic (Thank you: Jorge Pineda, Henry Mercedes, Reynolds Andujar, Davis Liriano, Luis Graham Castillo en Liza Alvarez).

WATCH AN OVERVIEW HERE (don’t blink at the closing because then you miss me, lol)


PRESS RELEASE: The International Book Fair (FIL) returns to the Colonial City of Santo Domingo on Friday, 22 April 2022. The event had not been held in two years due to Covid-19. It will open in venues and streets of the Colonial City through 2 May. The fair is in its 24th edition.

Culture Minister Milagros German said the book fair will be dedicated to Dominican writers Carmen Natalia and Pedro Peix. The European Union is the invited “country”.  Culture Minister German said that books are a key communication tool in building better citizens.

Joan Ferrer, the director of the book fairs at the Ministry of Culture, explained during the announcement at the Museo de Casas Reales: “In times like the present, of uncertainty, war, and crisis, it is necessary that the book, in all its aspects and modalities, retake its role as a weapon of mass construction.”

Ferrer said 70 guests from 15 countries will be participating, 100 publishing houses, including 12 authors representing the Dominican diaspora, and 150 national writers. Eighty-five new books and magazines will be launched. There will be 60 literary workshops, 30 children’s workshops, and 50 conferences. There will be a film section curated by the Embassy of France and the Alliance Francaise, a pavilion for blind people, and two science fiction halls. There will be 50 recitals, poetry readings, and more than 25 story-telling activities.

Some 30 theater companies are participating, with more than 150 actors in seven halls within the fairgrounds. There will be a comics pavilion. The Museo Trampolín will have a program for young children.

This will be the first International Book Fair with a business center, a radio, and a podcast cabin. It will be streamed on TV, radio, and the YouTube channel of the Ministry of Culture.

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23 March 2022