We’re excited to announce the pre-sale of Sasha Dees’ forthcoming book ‘Entangled Species. Conversations on Contemporary Art in the Caribbean‘. She takes us on a journey in the Caribbean, where she maps the infrastructure for contemporary art. Decolonization discourse and international politics are reflected in her encounters and conversations with artists, art professionals, and institutions in the Caribbean.

Part travel book and part toolkit, Entangled Species result from a fifteen-month research project executed by Dees: between November 2017 and May 2019. She visited 16 countries in the Caribbean (including Barbados, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Suriname, and the Virgin Islands). She interviewed over 800 artists and art professionals.

As she travels and engages with artists, Dees reflects on her own path to a career in the arts—what she did, what she wondered about, and who she met—giving the reader a sense of who she is and why she is a reliable voice on the subject. Filled with engaging anecdotes and extended conversations with artists and art professionals, we are passengers on Sasha’s journey, learning about this world as she explores and documents it.  Additionally, each chapter includes a contact list of artists and institutions, a list of relevant publications; a 50-page selection of artworks by contemporary artists from the region; and a glossary of (art) terms used in the book.
Pre-order here: https://trendbeheer.com/sashadees/

It took a Village!! The publication is in part made possible by Mondriaanfonds, Hendrik Mullerfonds (Netherlands), UniArte, Marguerite de Rooy (Curacao), Nina Jurna en Max Westerdam (Brazil).