As of January 1, 2021, I will be part of the advisers pool of the Mondriaan Fund.
There are 17 new visual arts and heritage advisers: Otto Snoek, Julius Thissen, Maziar Afrassiabi, Monika Dahlberg, Marleen Hartjes, Najah Aouaki, Sasha Dees, Jasper van Es, Elise ‘t Hart, Colin Huizing, Richard Kofi, Arno van der Hoeven, Davida de Hond, Alex van Stipriaan, Ardjuna Candotti, Michel Hommel and BenoĆ®t Mater will be part of the various committees that assess applications to the Mondriaan Fund from the new year.
A selection committee consisting of Clayde Menso (chairman), Amal Alhaag, Theo Jansen, Norah Karrouche and Mirjam Pragt made a selection from 448 applications. In making its choice, the selection committee primarily focused on expertise. In addition, attention was paid to candidates with a diverse composition of people, in the broadest sense of the word (discipline, background, location, training).
The members are in principle appointed for a period of two years. The term of appointment of 18 advisers will expire on 1 January. The advisers of the Mondriaan Fund are part of a pool of experts. The fund sets up advisory committees from this pool, looking at the knowledge required to assess applications. The committees rotate in order to guarantee different visions and perspectives on art and heritage. The full list of current advisors is listed here, including biographies. Here, various professionals from the field explain why they are advisers to the Mondriaan Fund.