Overvloed (wealth)  will be shown at Big Art  12 – 15 September, 2019

Overvloed is  a video installation that talks about our inability to change the inequality of wealth and privilege. The film is a symbol of the loss of that wealth and privilege. Wealth without empathy is self destructive. The film will be projected on a big vertical screen in a repetitive loop with a score.

Simone Bennett (multi media artist/filmmaker), Gregg Telussa (DP), Barend Onneweer (special effects), Peter Moll (art direction), Sjam Sjamsoedin (score), Jimy Almeida (production), Sasha Dees (producer).

Simone Bennett is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Amsterdam. She makes films, music videos, drawings and works with photography. After graduating from the audio visual art department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, she worked as an artist / filmmaker in Berlin for several years, before returning to Amsterdam. Bennetts films have been shown internationally and are being distributed by Eye in Amsterdam.

Overvloed is in part made possible by Mondriaan Fonds.