Are You There? opens in Dutch Cinema’s on 19 June

Are You There?

Are You There? / Ik ben er even niet” the documentary by Maartje Nevejan that I worked on as researcher will open in Dutch cinema’s as of June 19th.  The film is in Dutch and has English subtitles.

The premiere of Are You There? / Ik ben er niet is on 19 June at 19:30 in De Balie Amsterdam. The next day Mokum Filmdistribution brings the film in circulation in various cinemas in the Netherlands (Ketelhuis Amsterdam, Lux Nijmegen (with interview), Focus Arnhem, Filmschuur Haarlem (23/6 with interview and event), Filmhuis Alkmaar, CineBergen, Filmtheater Hilversum, LantarenVenster Rotterdam).

Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page for impression dates. Watch the trailer below!



The documentary is an essay about the influence of absence epilepsy on imagination, science and art that emerges from the inner worlds. It is the story of Nevejan herself and other children and young adults who suffer from epilepsy. A quest from all these astronauts of inner space.

Perhaps the darkest black is the black we carry within ourselves,It’s not the night where you switch the lights off – it’s the night where you close your eyes. To make new art, you have to make new space. – Anish Kapoor

I can not proof it scientifically, but I am convinced this is the stuff that fairytales and myths are made of. – Dr. Oliver Sacks


The film is produced by Cerutti Film and Dutch broadcaster VPRO.

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