“Black Lives Matter” is a short film about Police brutality faced predominately by African-American population due to deep rooted racism. A fictitious Police officer writing uncountable times Black Lives Matter on a chalkboard wall as a form of non-violent penalty.

Black Lives Matter, Fi/US, 2017, 7:19 min.

Concept & Directors: Sasha Huber & Petri Saarikko
Actor: Joseph T. Shavel
Producers: Sasha Dees (John106) & Gerrit Vooren (Vooren Productions)
DP: Petri Saarikko
Editor & post production: Petri Saarikko
Location: College of Staten Island (CSI)

In part made possible by VISEK, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Sharpe Residency at Snug Harbor, Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, College of Staten Island. Thank you: staff CSI: Bonnie Chin and staff Snug Harbor: Larry Anderson, Shawna Salmon and Melissa West.

© Huber Saarikko, 2017

Currently shown at:
5 August–17 September 2017
DNA of Water
Curated by Sasha Dees
Newhouse Centre for Contemporary Art, Richmond Terrace 1000, NYC NY 10301