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“I want to provide a platform for emerging artists who push limits, cross borders and break down barriers”

“Art for me is about communication, confronting people without imposing, and creating a dialogue that offers a different perspective. I am interested in the collaboration between different cultures, traditions, genders, and between the various art disciplines. All art disciplines are equally important to me –performing arts, visual arts, new media, literature, and film. I work with artists who experiment with the classical art forms, who mix them up and break them down– not to destroy, but to analyze, re-use, and build something new.”

Dees lives for the arts, she is a world citizen, a connector. International, Interdisciplinary, and Innovative are key elements in her work. She founded SDPM her production company in 1998 and has worked as an independent producer, curator, and writer in all art disciplines ever since. Dees works with numerous artists and art-organizations internationally; programming and scouting talent for venues and festivals as an agent for emerging artists and advising on projects, exchanges and collaborations. She is the co-founder (with Philip Powel) of the not for profit John106 (2003).